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Senior Village Staff
The efforts of well over 150 dedicated volunteers have made the Senior Village
a reality. We'd love to list them all. Click
HERE to see those who are part of our  
management staff.
Corporate Non-Profit Status
Federal (U.S Income Tax Deductable Expense)
We are a 501c3 non-profit so all contributions are deductible on your
Federal income tax return (unless the tax law changes -- consult your own
tax advisor!). Click
HERE to see our IRS determination letter.
State (AZ Income Direct Tax Credit)
We are also an Arizona "Qualified Charitable Organization" so individual
contributions (up to $400 filing singly or $800 filing jointly) are direct credits
to reduce your AZ income tax bill. You do not need to itemize deductions on
your AZ tax return but do need to file a
Form 321 and Form 301 with it. You
can get all the AZ forms and instructions
HERE. Be sure to consult with your
own tax advisor. Click
HERE to see our AZ QCO Certificate. You can also
see the entire list of QCO's on line