How To Find Reliable Contractors
Possible Sources Of Contractors
Scroll down to see PCOA's lists of reliable contractors in many different
Most are in PIMA County, of course, but many will work in our area.
Thus was last updated in March, 2015 but is very comprehen-
sive and still somewhat useful.
Here, over 1,100 residents ask one another for recommendations about
doctors, contractors, and everything else! There are several ways to
access this info.

SBAZ    This link takes you to the SBAZ home page on Yahoo.

SBAZ Services   This is a great new site that is easier to access.

(3) And a resident has also compiled a
List of SBAZ Recommendations
SBAZ (A Yahoo Group for SaddleBrooke)
Recommended By Us?  
Senior Village Volunteers are happy to help with occasional tasks. However, we
are NOT looking for part time jobs as landscapers, house cleaners, handymen,
or whatever. You'll need to hire a local contractor to do this. To help you to do
so, below are some possible sources you can contact. Be sure to also talk to
neighbors and friends for recommendations. The final decision is up to you!
Because of liability issues, we cannot "recommend" a specific contractor for work
that we are unable to do. However, we will try to be as helpful as possible by
providing info to help you make an informed choice to meet your needs.
Two local real estate agents have put together a web page
listing various local contractors. Another source of info to try.