All Residents Are Welcome To Join
Senior Village serves all residents of SaddleBrooke. You may not need us
today, but "surprises" happen. And with your support we'll be here down the
road when you could use a helping hand from your neighbors.

Our members tell us that the Senior Village lets them live more independently
without having to ask their neighbors for help with simple tasks or errands.
Members' families appreciate having the Senior Village here to help take care of
their loved ones. Peace of mind is one of our services!
Types of Memberships
For residents who want to make a donation to help the Senior Village at
SaddleBrooke expand its services and continue to be there to serve the
needs of the SaddleBrooke community.
Please note: this does not
automatically make you a Member.
Patrons Of The Village
Please contact our Membership Coordinator at 520-314-1042 and leave
a message. You will then be contacted for an intake interview, and your
services will then be scheduled. Our goal is to keep the dues as low as
possible while still covering our operating expenses. Dues will depend on
the amount of financial support the we get from the community -- great so
far, thank you!

Dues for calendar year 2019 will be $48 for an individual and $60  
for a couple (household).
As a member you will have access to all our
services (with a limit of 6 per month or 18 per quarter because our hard
working volunteers can only do so much). Whether you need a ride to the
doctor or grocery shopping, a loan of medical equipment, help with a
simple task around the house, or a friendly call or visit just give us a call
520-314-1042 and leave a message (any time 24/7). We can usually
get back to you within a few hours. Additional services may be added in
the future as we learn more about your needs.

We're all volunteers and take no salaries (and we cannot afford an office
yet so there is no rent), but there are LOTS of expenses we must cover.
Insurance alone costs a small fortune. It would cost a large fortune if we
did not do background checks on all our volunteers (another major
expense). Then there are expenses for the telephone, office supplies,
web hosting, and software to name a few. In brief, the Village is a labor of
love, but love doesn't pay the bills!
For residents who do not need services now but want to stay in touch
with the Senior Village by receiving our news items and keeping up to
date with our activities.
Please note: this does NOT automatically
make you a Member.
 Just click the green button below.
Friends Of The Village