Our mission is to provide simple non-medical services to residents of SaddleBrooke
to help them live independently and to serve as a resource when they decide to
transition from our community. We're delivering basic services now (see below) and
hope to add more as needed.
But There Are Some Things We Cannot Do!
So we cannot diagnose or treat illnesses or handle medications.
We're Not Medically Trained
Our volunteers are happy to help out, but they do not want full-time jobs
as landscapers, house cleaners, cooks, or whatever.You'll need to hire
somebody to do this (we can help you find a
Reliable Contractor).
We Don't Do Ongoing Tasks You Can Hire Folks To Do
For major repairs you need to hire a licensed plumber, electrician, etc.
We're Not Licensed Contractors
Other Services We Can Offer With The Help Of Our Partners
One Call Does It All -- Research Assistance
IMPACT Of So. AZ - Medical Alert Devices, Respite Care, Etc.
SB TRIAD - Expired Prescription Drug Drop Off Program
In a real emergency dial 911 and let the trained professionals handle it!
Respond To Emergencies
Available Services
Friendly phone calls and occasional home visits help Members to stay in
touch and socialize. If you are interested in other activities like monthly
birthday lunches, neighborhood walks, bingo, bocce, golf putters, etc. give
us a call at
520-314-1042.  Click HERE for more info on our activities.
Friendly Contact
We can drive members to medical appointments, grocery shopping, and
other nearby errands. Our primary service areas are Catalina, Oro Valley,
as far south as Northwest Hospital, and occasionally further.
Going My Way (Transportation)
Lock boxes provide safe, secure, and rapid access for 911 personnel in
an emergency in case you cannot come and unlock the door. Everyone  
should have one. There is a one time charge of $65 paid to GRFD.
Residential Lock Box Installation  (Golder Ranch FD)
There are already many programs and services available from other groups
and organizations. We'll do our best to help you find what you need.
Working with our partners at the Community Church (825-5394), we'll be
helping our members access their short term loaner program. If you cannot
make it to the church offices, we'll take you there to get the equipment.
Medical Equipment Loan Program
We're not plumbers, electricians, or landscapers! However, our volunteers
can help with many simple things like leaky faucets or replacing light bulbs.
Please click
HERE for a more detailed list of what we can and cannot do.
Helping Hands -- Around The House and Yard
Call Golder Ranch FD at 825-9001, Ext. 5 To Get One
Call Us at 314-1042 When You Have It -- We'll Install It Free