You'll then be issued your name tag and can start helping your Saddle-
Brooke neighbors.
(1) Basic Orientation (BO) is required (along with a background check)
for all Volunteers as part of our agreement with our insurance carrier.
(2) Team Training is also required for the service team(s) you decide to
work on. At the moment we are well staffed for
Lock Box (LB), Helping
Hands (HH), and Friendly Contact (FC).
Since much of what we do is
provide rides for doctors and errands as part of
Going My Way (GMW)
we ALWAYS need more trained drivers.
(3) Class Schedule -- Here's the schedule for BO and GMW  training.
There will be more / others later in the year.
Basic Orientation (BO) and GMW Team Training
How To Become A Senior Village Volunteer
Call Us At 520-314-1042 To Say You're Interested
Attend a Volunteer Basic Orientation Session
Indicate Which Service Team You Want To Start With
Attend A Team Training Session
Undergo A Background Check And Get Your Name Tag
Start Helping Your Neighbors!
A member of our Volunteer Team will be back in touch. You'll be shown how
to register on line and complete the Volunteer Information Form. Then you'll
need to sign up for the next available Basic Orientation and Team Training
sessions. See below for more information
Your Team Leader will contact you to schedule a team training session.
This is also required. We suggest you pick one to start with (especially
Going My Way) -- you can always add more later.
There are three main teams as explained on the Services page. We
recommend you start with one team to see how it goes. You can always
add more later. Call
520-314-1042 and leave a message about your
team selection and check
Training for the next available class.
This is required for ALL new volunteers, per the agreement with our
insurance company. In about 45 minutes you'll cover the basics of how to
be an effective volunteer for the Senior Village.
This is fairly painless. You will be emailed a Volunteer Agreement and
Background Check form with instructions. It only takes a day or two.
NOTE: Gmail, Outlook, Live or Hotmail email address rquired
The Senior Village has had ongoing problems with Volunteers who have
other email providers such as WBHSI, Centurylink, Q, etc. These providers
incorrectly classify Village communications as spam and prevent them from
getting to our Volunteers. More importantly, the Village could eventually be
classified as a spammer and be cut off. We cannot allow that to happen.
Basic Orientation Only (BO)
Mon, Mar 18 - 10:00 and 3:00 (BO Only)
Please Email Joan by March 8th to reserve a seat
Joan Stewart:

Class Schedule
Monday,  April 15 - 10:00 or 3:00, BO
Monday,  May 13 - 10:00 o
r 3:00, BO

To reserve a seat in class please send an email to
Joan Stewart: