Services To Be Offered -- Volunteers Needed!
We'll be listening to your feedback and adding requested services as
soon as we can -- depending on funding and available volunteers, of
Future Services
Please refer to the Services page for the services now being offered
and others coming soon. Of course, we will be making referrals to
Partners so residents can learn about and take advantage of services
they already offer to supplement those of the Senior Village.
Current Services
Background Checks (by True Hire)
We are trying to keep the paperwork to a minimum, but our liability insurance
carrier insists that all volunteers undergo a confidential background and motor
vehicles check. We have found a good outfit (the same one that IMPACT uses).
Volunteer Insurance
We found an insurance carrier (CIMA) through the Village to Village Network.
They offer a good
Volunteers Insurance Coverage. Check the details here.
There is no cost to be a volunteer. However, it costs us $25 for a background
and motor vehicles check and $14 for the volunteer's insurance. Any contribu-
tions to help offset those costs will be VERY helpful.
Contributions?  (Welcome, NOT Required)
How To Become A Senior Village Volunteer
To start (see the box below), please give us a call at 520-314-1042. Leave a
message and our Volunteer Team will get back in touch. For the rest of the
process, check the
Training page.
Yes!  I Want To Volunteer
Please call us at 520-314-1042 and leave a message.
Our Volunteer Team will contact you to get you started
Gmail, Outlook, Live or Hotmail email address required